Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The last of the semester

so... i'm on my last day before the semester is over! Yes!, i'm on my last final then i'm totally done and happy-- home free per-say.

I'll finally be away from my insanely phsyochotic land lord, who is trying as hard as she can to find a way to get me into trouble. i still cant figure out why she hates me so much.... i guess i have that face that looks like rebellion and trouble... well she may be right, but she has no right to treat me this way. sad to admit- she made me cry.

well good news is i got my car back! it was going through some hard times on its side, but is now up and running with only a few scars to show of the incident.

for those who dont know, my friends and i tipped the car a few weeks prior. its all good we lived.

so life is awesome. i'm studing for BOM. and cleaning for white glove at the moment, i think its like one or one thirty in the morning, i'm staring at a screen on the most christmasy plad couch i have ever sat on. boxes sorround us all as we clean and stress about the last finals of the week. live has seemed so hard up until this point, but now it all seems so minute- looking back seeing the image as a whole. like finding one penny, it doesn't seem worth much at the time, but if you find 99 more- it equals a hotwheels, or and icecream cone, or even candy (no it cant buy you anything healthy, but it sure tastes good!). it seems so worth it, hard at times, prolonged and even dirty-- but man is it worth it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stuck in the Snow.

well its forcasted to snow all week. so fun..... or at least it is the first few days... i'm just chilling with my roomies and some new friends, its pretty awesome. we have a tiny apartment for 5 girls, and we just got into trouble for going over the electric bill, 100 $ for 5 girls? in the freezing snow, hmmm, guess i'm having cold showers for the next few months.

well other than that we're having fun, mt friends in a phoography cless and so Katrina and i are in lots of her pictures, its fun!. so i'm in this flower arrangeing class and its so fun! i suggest it to anyone, and its quite interesting, i didn't fully realize how much buisness was used in the art of floral arrangeing.

i have to think of what to write for my paper... i dont really know yet but i'll get to it.

oh here are some fun pictures that we took last week!

yeah.. i had fun with my hair...

well love you all!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to the college life.

well i'm back to the life of school. I loved being home, but it not the same. It feels so normal living out of the parents house, i still love visiting though.
so the first week has gone by and i'm taking some fun classes my favorites are Wildlife Ecology and Management, Floral design, and modern dance.
Well just though i'd let you all know that i'm alive and well.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

lacking modivation.

{sorry to all the fam. for not updating the blog}

really life at the hatch home is the same as usual, obsession with the games, especially the new expansion of WOW.

I'm working 2 jobs, Charlotte Russe, and Pier One Imports. really fun, stressful yes, but much worth it.
what else is there, i'm going back to school in january.
and dont even think of asking, and the answer is no, there are no guys in my life, i am perfectly single, and almost happy about it. i really dont worry about it.
.... i'll add more when i have pictures....[i'm on my moms computer and shes asleep and snoring]... so i'm going to go release the inner nerd and play WOW.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Re-living the childhood days

You know those days you wish you could be little again? The days where you just want to sit on the couch and watch SpongeBob? (well, maybe not that because i do that every day anyway...) Well, it was one of those days....

And no, my friend Stallion found a tutu, and joined me in chasing butterflies.
Well that was my weekend fun, spending the night at honeys and spending a hot day a warped tour. it was fun.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


whats going on with the world today! its snowing, i cant believe it! i'm going to go crazy, if i dont freeze first.

but other than the snow i thought i'd tell everyone that i'm still alive and well. i have the coolest job as a janator [and i get free icecream. that makes life better].

oh and to grandma and grandpa Hatch i wanted to thank you so much for the package, it has offically saved my roomates and I.
And this is exactly how i feel.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Address

so i figured that you guys might want my new address.

545 S 2nd E Apt. 502
rexburg ID, 83440

Well here you go.